Teachers' invention designed to save lives in school shootings

(photo courtesy KWQC)
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Five teachers in Iowa have an invention they hope will protect kids everywhere from school shootings.

"The Sleeve" is an easy-to-use metal wedge that makes it nearly impossible for an active shooter to break into a room. The metal piece slides onto the door-closer of a classroom door in seconds, and can resist more than 500 pounds of force. That's important because most classrooms lock from the outside, putting teachers and kids in danger.

"We have the potential to save lives and to me, there is nothing more noble," said Daniel Nietzel, president of Fighting Chance. He continued to say that to "save lives in the profession that we all chose to go into, [is] something very near and dear to our hearts."

The "sleeve" is priced so that teachers can buy it on their own, even if their districts can't afford it.

The teachers hope to have their patent approved soon.