Teacher suspended for bringing gun to school

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Rhori Johnston/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis, May 9 - Students from Broad Ripple High School's yearbook staff spent their Friday morning outside, snapping photos around the school.  At noon, they noticed a car trunk ajar. When they looked inside they noticed, in a pouch, sitting in the trunk, a 38-caliber handgun.

The car belonged to a substitute teacher.  The students told the principal what they found and school police escorted Eric Harris off the property. 

Principal Steve Papesh says the gun was licensed, but having it at school is against the rules. "Even though he had a permit, weapons are never allowed on IPS property," the principal said.

Even students we spoke with know that.

Eyewitness News couldn't contact Eric Harris for comment Friday night, but Principal Papesh says Harris thought it was okay to have a gun in his car as long as he didn't bring it inside the school.

"He knew it was in there.  He knew it was illegal to bring it inside the building. But was unaware that it was not okay just to leave it in his car even though he was on our property," said Papesh.

Eric Harris is now off school property, perhaps permanently. The school suspended him, and he could face criminal charges.