Teacher raises money for Ferguson students who need food

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Civil unrest in Ferguson after the shooting death of Michael Brown has an unintended victim.

School has been canceled for several days because of the violence. That means children from lower-income families who depend on free or reduced lunches at school are not getting that meal.

When a Durham, North Carolina public school teacher found out classes in Ferguson were being canceled, she started an online fundraising campaign. Julianna Mendelsohn says all money raised through this campaign will go directly to the St. Louis Area Foodbank for the express purpose of giving food to those children.

A statement on the food bank's official website confirmed that they are "the planned recipient" of money raised by the campaign.

As of 7:00 Wednesday evening, donors from across the nation had given more than $135,000. Mendelsohn told the Durham-based Herald-Sun that food bank officials believe that much money would likely help fund their normal operations for a year.

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