Taylorsville man arrested for allegedly grabbing young girls in Walmart

Jeffrey Brock

Police have arrested a Bartholomew County man for allegedly molesting one girl and possibly trying to abduct another.

All of this happened in broad daylight and within the sight of security cameras at a Columbus Walmart store.

Jeffrey L. Brock, 43, was arrested on preliminary charges of child molestation, a Class C felony, along with sexual battery, a Class D felony, and two counts of battery.

Around 4:00 pm Sunday, he's accused of grabbing the seven-year-old in the shoe department at the store on the east side of Columbus. Then minutes later, as he was leaving the store, he allegedly touched an eight-year-old girl inappropriately.

"That incident in the shoe area happened first and then as he's exiting, he stops, he sees this young girl and does that," said Columbus Police Lt. Matt Myers.

After the second incident, the parents and another customer had to tackle him until police arrived. Police say the entire second incident was captured on store surveillance and leaves no doubt about what happened.

"You can see the whole thing on video. It's shocking to us as police officers," Myers said.

In the first incident, the seven-year-old girl was out of sight for a matter of seconds.

"I have an eight-year-old and he can wander off to the next aisle and that could happen," said shopper Kyra Jewell.

"It's scary. You can't even go to Walmart," said shopper Leann Berry. "I don't know what else the parent could have done. I don't know."

Police say the parents of both children did everything right.

"What's disturbing, again, is that as you're exiting the store and people are coming and going, he just does it right there in front of everybody," Myers said. "So when you really think about it, that's a sick individual."

Brock is on a 48-hour hold, during which time prosecutors will determine exactly what charges he will face. It is not clear if Brock has a criminal record, but police say he is not a registered sex offender.