Tax company blocks customer refunds

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A huge tax mix-up left tens of thousands of people wondering why they couldn't get access to their money.

Many H & R Block customers say the company put a lock on the company's Emerald Cards, which give customers immediate access to their tax refunds.

We spoke to Perry Sowders, who told us he was supposed to get around $6,000 back, but H & R Block put $24,000 dollars on his card. When the company learned that cards had wrong balances, it locked the cards.

"They woke up and realized they made a mistake and they just canceled everybody's cards. Not just the 90,000 that they made the mistake. They locked down all of the emerald cards. It would be a tough call for me to go back to H&R block next year," said Sowders.

H & R Block was blasted with comments, from angry customers on its Facebook page. The company tells Eyewitness News the problem was with another company that processes the cards. H & R Block posted an update tonight on its Facebook page saying the problem is fixed.