Take a stand today with National Night Out

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Tonight residents are staying out late to show they're not afraid to fight back against crime. It's National Night Out Day.

The Crystal Point neighborhood in Lawrence is no stranger to celebrating National Night Out. This is their third year. This is a tight-knit community and they value their safety and peace of mind.

Just like their past year's celebrations, they're planning a big cookout with hot dogs and hamburgers. They're partnering with the Castleton Target store and associates will serve as volunteers for the activities that will include face painting, a dunk tank, bouncy house, music and a DJ and a magician.

The mayor, local police and fire department will also be celebrating.

The neighborhood says law enforcement does such a good job of protecting them, they want to do their part to say thank you and help them in their efforts.

"We wish that everyone would help us step forward and help us if you see suspicious activity, call 911 and report it," said Chelle Carey, Crystal Point Homeowners Association. "That's the way we're going to fight this crime that we see happening. That's we're going to help each other and help protect each other day in and day out."

She said there is crime in the neighborhood, and it affects every one.

"We're all the same neighborhood basically," Carey said. "No matter what zip code you live in, it affects all of us. People here travel and work in those other zip codes where crime is and we want to make sure our people and our homeowners know how to protect themselves when traveling around the city."

The Lawrence community will also be using this event to take the Blue Pledge to take that stand, make the call to 911.

WTHR will be handing out cards at National Night Out events throughout the area encouraging everyone to share the common bond of taking a stand against crime.

When you take the pledge, tell us about it. Tweet a photo with the pledge and use #NNObluepledge or post the photo on our WTHR Facebook page as we all step out against crime.