Swine flu back; officials don't expect 2009 rerun

Swine flu back; officials don't expect 2009 rerun
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The predominant strain of influenza sweeping through Indiana this year is the same one that caused a nationwide pandemic that resulted in about 40 Indiana deaths in 2009.


The Indiana State Department of Health says the H1N1 flu has caused three deaths this season.


The Centers for Disease Control says H1N1 is the predominant strain across the nation. Most people probably know it as swine flu.


State respiratory epidemiologist Shawn Richards says health officials understand the H1N1 strain better than they did in 2009. She also says swine flu is just one of many varieties out there. That's one reason the agency closely monitors flu outbreaks.


And health officials say this year's outbreak isn't as bad as last year's.


Health officials still urge Hoosiers to get flu vaccinations.

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