Swimming safety at an early age

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All this week, Eyewitness News Sunrise anchor Julia Moffitt is focusing on summer safety for your kids.

Summer is a time often refereed to, in the medical field, as "trauma season".  During last year's record breaking heat, emergency room doctors say they also saw a record number of drowning or near drowning of children.  That's why some parents are turning to teaching babies how to save themselves: some of the children are as young as six months old.

It can be hard to watch for some parents: a baby struggling in the water, gasping for air.  But this is a lesson to teach 10 month old Brycen All to save himself, if he ever falls into water before he can swim.

The Infant Swimming Resource, or ISR, class teaches children from six months to six years of age.  Brycen's family has a retention pond in their back yard and his mother, Brandy, just wanted him to be prepared.  "At first, it was really scary," she says, "but it's crazy how much they can learn."

3-year-old Ellie is at ISR for a refresher course.  All three of Ginger Troncone's kids have gone through the training.  Ginger says, "With three little ones, I new I would feel a lot more comfortable going to pool if they had some training, more so than just floaties."

Barb Davis, a certified ISR instructor, use to see water tragedies as a pediatric nurse.  Barb says, "It's just so sad to see (those water tragedies), because it is a preventable accident.  If the family teaches their babies how to roll and float, the babies are relaxed.  They can breath, they can get air, they can just float.  If you can just teach them to relax, they can save themselves."

Tuesday morning on Eyewitness News Sunrise, Julia will show how to keep your kids safe while playing outside.