Sweepstakes offer chance to win Super Bowl tickets

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Super Bowl XLVI is just 30 days away. WTHR Channel 13 is the only place you can watch the game on television, but what if you want to be there in person?

"Everyone wants to win tickets to the Super Bowl," said Marshawn Wolley, Super Bowl Host Committee.

There are chances galore for you to win free Super Bowl tickets. One of the giveaways is from the host committee itself through its Emerging Business Program.

"Any person that spends $500 with an emerging business has an opportunity to be entered in a drawing for Super Bowl Tickets," said Wolley.

The emerging businesses includes everything from restaurants like The Side Street Deli to engraving companies like 3-D Trophy.

Customers nationwide can win tickets.

"The web presence is very strong. The catalogs we have on our website gives our customers a vast array of awards to choose from," said David Mayes III, business owner.

Other giveaways include Indy's exclusive Skyline Club which is offering a chance for tickets to the big game with new member sponsorship, and there are online opportunities for you to win Super Bowl tickets like the contest on tailgateUS.com.

If you are into social networks like Facebook, there is another chance for you to win tickets from our news gathering partner The Indianapolis Star. The Star will give away two Super Bowl tickets through Facebook as part of its NFL Experience contest.

In just a couple of days, the United Way of Central Indiana will announce its winners.

"We will do the drawing next week. Last year it was a young man and his wife. He worked at Sallie Mae," said Ellen Annala, United Way of Central Indiana.

Before you enter any Super Bowl sweepstakes, consider these questions:

Does the website have a privacy policy?

Is there a clear set of sweepstakes rules?

Does the giveaway follow basic sweepstakes laws?

Does the sweepstake require a reasonable amount of information?

Is there a company behind the sweepstakes?

Can you get to the sweepstakes from the sponsor's home page?

If you have any doubts at all about the contest, don't enter your information.

Don't forget to tell Uncle Sam!

Prize winnings must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service as taxable income. So the bigger your prize, the more it will cost you at tax time. Read more here.