Suspicious substance reported at Fairbanks Addiction Center

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A substance delivered to a north Indianapolis drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility is still under examination.

Staff at the Fairbanks Addiction Center discovered an envelope containing a white, powdery substance in an office around 5 p.m. Monday. Emergency crews isolated the HVAC system in the office so the substance could not be transmitted to other areas of the building.

Officials at Fairbanks say a man drove up to the front of the building and flagged down an employee that was going to the parking lot.

"He said, 'Hey, can you take this envelope inside for me?' - we don't know the specifics of the language - asked her to carry the envelope in and she complied and they realized it was a suspicious envelope after it was inside," said IFD Lt. Bonnie Hensley.

The envelope was not marked and it is unclear where or who the envelope was intended.

A representative of the Marion County Health Department said late Monday that "field screenings of the substance did not detect anything hazardous." However, since it was a credible threat, a sample was collected and taken to a state lab for further testing. Preliminary test results are expected to be returned in 24 hours.

"The scene has been turned over to IMPD and the Marion County Board of Health. IMPD is securing the scene and will be investigating who did this and what their intent was," Hensley said. "The Marion County Board of Health will do further testing on the substance. They think they know what some of the ingredients are, but they need to know what all of the ingredients are."

One of the four people in the office at the time the substance was discovered reported a slight irritation, but later said she probably wasn't affected by the substance. Fire officials say 68 people were in the affected building at the time of the incident, but none were evacuated.

A section of the building where the substance was discovered has been secured until test results are received.

"Precautions were taken to ensure there was no harm to our patients, employees, visitors or law enforcement officials," a Fairbanks spokesperson wrote in a release Monday night.

Firefighters at the scene were subjected to a decontamination process when they emerged from the building. An IndyGo bus was also called to the scene, in case evacuations from the area were necessary, but it was not utilized.