Suspended IMPD officer Bisard remains in jail

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Numerous questions are swirling Sunday about what's next in Bisard's case, in light of the latest incident and Bisard's own admissions.

Bisard was driving on Indian Lake Boulevard South on the city's northeast side when he crashed his truck and got stuck in the mud. He was trying to dig himself out when Lawrence Police responded to a call about a crash.

According to the police report, Bisard made a surprising admission that he had been drinking for a couple of hours saying, "I know you know who I am, I messed up today. If you guys can cut me a break, I promise I will never drink again."

But, the officers didn't cut him a break. Instead, they arrested him after he failed a field sobriety test and blew a .17 blood alcohol level, more than twice the legal limit.

"It kind of validates the suspicion that gee, there really was a problem," said Bruce Kehoe.

Kehoe represents Kurt Weekly, one of the motorcyclists hit by Bisard's cruiser in that deadly crash in 2010. Weekly suffered life-changing injuries that day. 

"When you're a police officer charged with an alcohol-related offense involving death and serious injury and you're under that microscope and you still can't conform your behavior to meet the requirements of the law--that's pretty serious," said Kehoe.

The Fraternal Order of Police has supported Bisard since the very beginning and even paid into his legal defense fund. But, when we asked President William Owensby Sunday about whether or not anything changed in light of these latest charges, he said right now, that support remains intact. But, the membership could always vote to change that, and their next business meeting just happens to be this Thursday.

So, what's next? We talked to Bisard's attorney, John Kautzman, who said, "I don't know enough details to make a comment. I haven't had a chance to talk to anyone yet regarding the details of the case."

Kehoe has his opinion, "When you have intoxication on two different occasions being alleged in the middle of the day, it really speaks for itself, doesn't it?"

When Bisard was accused of causing that fatal accident in 2010, a judge foiled prosecutors' attempts to have his driving privileges revoked.

Now the case against Bisard may seem to have become more complicated, or in some ways, cut and dried. 

Bisard's latest alleged misstep is an opportunity for Denise Robinson of the Marion County Prosecutor's office to keep Bisard behind bars, "We will be asking the regular court judge to consider no bond in the misdemeanor arrest," she said. "And we will also be filing, in Allen County, a motion to revoke bond or increase his bond (in the 2010 case)." 


Bisard also told police he would pay for the damages if they would just let him go. And he kept telling the officers the same things over and over: BISARD FREELY STATED AGAIN, ADMITTING HIS GUILT FOR TODAY, STATING HE DROVE DRUNK AND MESSED UP.

The prosecutors are not going to be able to legally connect the crash in 2010 to the crash this weekend. Statements made to police by Bisard leads you to believe it may not matter in the long run: HE WOULD NEVER DRINK AGAIN AND TO JUST LET HIM GO, STATING HE HAS A WIFE AND KIDS AT HOME AND HIS LIFE IS OVER IF HE GOES TO PRISON.

Prosecutors have to convince two judges Bisard is a danger and should be kept in jail.

His initial hearing for the accident this weekend is Wednesday morning in Marion County.