Suspect in Trapuzzano murder smiles, laughs on way to court

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Simeon Adams didn't respond to questions as he was led to court.  But the 16-year-old's demeanor and the expression on his face spoke volumes. 

"He thinks it's a joke...he's a kid," said one of Adams' alleged shooting victims. "It could have been two bodies, you feel what I'm saying? It could have been two murders." 

Police say the man, who asked not to be identified fearing for his safety, was shot by Adams outside a west side restaurant two days before the teen was accused of murdering Nathan Trapuzzano

"I'm angry," said the man, who was shot in the leg and abdomen.  "I don't feel bad for him. He smiled on TV. I don't feel bad for me. I feel bad for Mr. Nathan [Trapuzzano]."

Outside the courtroom Thursday morning, a handful of family members showed up to hear the formal murder and other felony charges against Adams.   

"I'm a cousin. He's innocent until proven guilty," said a woman who refused to give her name. 

Alhough police initially identified a second suspect in surveillance video from the murder scene on West 16th Street, only Adams faces charges. Prosecutors know who the second person is - another 16-year-old. They've declined to file charges against him. 

"They want to use him at the trial of Mr. Adams," said criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor Jack Crawford. He says even though the second teen was feet away when the murder took place, prosecutors likely have decided to use him as a key witness rather than charge him with a crime. 

"Clearly he knows who he's talking about. He was nine feet away. If he's telling the truth; if he's telling the truth, mind you,then he's a very important witness for the state," said Crawford.

That 16-year-old faces felony gun and resisting law enforcement charges stemming from a separate incident in February. 

If convicted on all the charges, Adams could be sentenced to 100 years in prison.