Suspect in shooting of Arsenal Tech student surrenders

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A 19-year-old Indianapolis man is facing attempted murder charges for shooting a former girlfriend near Arsenal Tech High School.

William Alvies surrendered to police about two hours after shooting the 17-year-old Arsenal Tech senior in her shoulder. Police believe Alvies and the victim were arguing in a school parking lot when she began running toward the school. Alvies reportedly stopped in the middle of Oriental Street and fired a gun at the girl - witnesses reported hearing at least six shots - striking her in the shoulder.

The girl was able to make it into the school to report the shooting. She was taken to Eskenazi Hospital in good condition.

"I saw all the bandages and everything from here on down on this side of her arm and all that when they got her in the ambulance. I told her I loved her," said the victim's grandmother, Rose Wilson.

Officers arriving on the scene minutes later received a suspect description and other information about the shooting from witnesses and set up a perimeter around the scene. Though Alvies was able to make it out of that perimeter, police were able to locate the gun used in the shooting and the suspect's shirt.

During the search, 30-year IMPD veteran Ofc. Mark Decker spoke with Alvies' mother, who convinced her son to surrender.

Members of the victim's family tell Eyewitness News the girl had an on-and-off relationship with Alvies.

"They were in and all together, boyfriend and girlfriend, and she's kind of a young thing, so she quit him, supposed to get back together, so she quit him again," Wilson said.

She also revealed her granddaughter had a restraining order in place against Alvies due to past threats of violence.

"He called her mother and on text and told her mother he was going to kill her. He has been doing it for about three months now. They were supposed to go to court and even got a restraining order and all that. It's not working. Nothing's working," Wilson said.

Wilson says Tuesday's shooting doesn't make her scared, but angry.

"I am angry. I am very angry, because this is ridiculous. These are kids out here making a fool out of themselves. Now he is going to go to jail for attempted murder," Wilson said.

She says she had warned her granddaughter about Alvies.

"She knows I have been on her about this boy. I said, 'Nobody makes empty threats. Somebody makes a threat, they mean it'," she said. "So he said he was going to kill her Monday. Monday he was supposed to have killed her."

The grandmother says this kind of violence should not only be unheard of among young people, but also stopped in its tracks so people like her granddaughter can reach their goals in life.

"Yeah, there is a way to stop it. Police put those cuffs on that behind and throw him in jail and leave him in there. You can stop that," she said. "I want my granddaughter to go to college. Dead people don't go to college."

IPS Superintendent Dr. Lewis Ferebee says Alvies is not a student at the school. Arsenal Tech and other nearby schools were locked down while police searched for the suspect.