Suspect in 2011 Cumberland murders sentenced to 110 years

Jeremy Priel

An Indianapolis man was sentenced Friday to 110 years in prison for the murders of a seven-year-old girl and her uncle. Police say it was over an Xbox and a PlayStation 3.

The deadly home invasion happened in 2011 in Cumberland. The family of Kyleigh Crane and Jeremy Crane says dealing with the pain from losing their loved ones is no easier today.

In December 2011, seven-year-old Kyleigh Crane stayed home from school sick. Her uncle Jeremy Crane agreed to babysit.

Police say that's when 26-year-old Jeremy Priel and 24-year-old Michael Bell broke in their Cumberland home to steal an Xbox and Playstation. The two men shot and killed the uncle and his niece, according to prosecutors.

Jeremy Priel struck a plea deal with prosecutors for a total of 110 years in prison without a chance of parole.

The victim's family spoke in court before the judge announced sentencing Friday.

"You have all kinds of emotions that you go through at the same time - rage, pain; when we go to these things, it's basically like you're getting run over by a truck. It takes out your whole day. I'm shaking, sitting up there and speaking. It's hard, very hard," said Joshua Crane, Kyleigh's father and Jeremy's brother.

Outside the courtroom, he talked about the emotional roller coaster he experienced.

"Rage, you know, pain," he said. "How much he helped me with my children and told him how full of life little Kyleigh was."

"I am going to have a different picture in my head than everybody else, because I am the one who found them," said Cathy Crane.

Relatives of the victims and their friends wore colorful t-shirts to court in honor of the murdered uncle and his niece.

Although it has been almost two years since the murders, it's still hard for the Crane family to come to the house where the crime occurred, knowing what happened inside.

"I've been back a few times to feed the cats. But I don't go into that yard, I feed them at the neighbor's house," Cathy Crane said.

The family will return to the City-County Building when co-defendant Michael Bell comes to court. They are prepared to make statements about the losing their loved ones at that time as well.

Bell pleaded guilty in April to two counts of murder. He's expected to be sentenced August 9th.

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