Suspect dead after shots fired at Capitol Building in Washington, DC

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The mother of a Connecticut woman who was shot to death by police after trying to breach a barrier at the White House says her daughter had post-partum depression.

But the mother tells ABC News that 34-year-old Miriam Carey had "no history of violence."

The woman set off a high-speed car chase Thursday, putting the Capitol on lockdown. A toddler in her car was not harmed.

There was a car chase as a small black sedan pursued by police on the circle just below the main stairway at the US Capitol. Police say it started at the White House with a female driver ramming her car into a gate and failing to smash her way in. She was pursued by the Secret Service.

She reportedly headed toward the US Capitol that would soon be surrounded by police. Near the west side of the Capitol came a confrontation. The female suspect's car was surrounded by police but surged violently back and forth as several police fired shots. A police car crashed into a security bollard, injuring the officer behind the wheel.

The Capitol building itself and the six Senate and House office buildings were ordered locked down. Lawmakers and staffers were told to shelter in their offices and tourists ran for cover. Some hunkered down.

"We thought we heard shots. We saw a lot of police cars. Then we heard shots and then the police told us to go back," said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

A reportedly injured officer was take to the helicopter that landed on the west front of the Capitol. He was flown away for treatment

"We have no information this is related to terrorism, or is anything other than an isolated incident," said Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine.

With the suspect out of action, the alert was lifted and the congressional buildings were reopened.

The police officer was not shot, but police sources say the Carey was, and died from her injuries.

Carey worked as a dental hygienist in Stamford, Connecticut until a few months ago. Her employer told NBC News he had to fire her because she was too rough with patients.