Survey: US average gas price up 10 cents a gallon


The average U.S. price of a gallon of gasoline has jumped 10 cents over the past two weeks.

The Lundberg Survey of fuel prices released Sunday says the price of a gallon of regular is $3.51. Midgrade costs an average of $3.69 a gallon, and premium is $3.84.

Diesel was up three cents over the past two weeks at $4.03.

Of the cities surveyed in the Lower 48 states, Los Angeles has the nation's highest average price for gas at $3.94. Jackson, Mississippi, has the lowest at $3.18.

Around Central Indiana, our 13 Pump Patrol has found gas below the national average.  Overnight, we found gas selling or $3.39 a gallon on the northeast side of Indianapolis.   Most gas prices are between $3.39 and $3.75 a gallon in the Indianapolis area. 

While gas prices locally are about 3 cents higher than they were one week ago, they are starting to go down slightly. To find the cheapest gas prices near you, click here.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.