Super Bowl zipline generates interest in Brown County

Steve Jefferson prepares for his zipline journey.
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After the booming success of the Super Bowl Village attraction, it seems everyone wants to ride the zipline. This growing interest in the adventure ride is good news for a central Indiana company.

"The phones have been really busy," said Chase Buffington, zipline manager at Explore Brown County, where you'll find the states fastest, longest and tallest ziplines.

The ride's popularity is at an all-time Hoosier high thanks to the Super Bowl Village zipline. Football fans paid $10 for one flight across the sky, but the Brown County experience is much different.

"We are a lot different than up there where you are just zipping once in the urban city. You are actually out here in the woods and you are in the wilderness having an outdoor excursion," said Buffington.

Urban ziplines aren't as common but are even popping up in television commercials - most famously the Geico pig.

In Brown County, the zipline safety gear includes double harness clips and padded straps. Zip instructors give mandatory safety tips.

For our Brown County experience, Channel 13 videographer Greg Goggans mounted a mini-cam on my safety helmet.

There are eight zipline launch pads in Brown County with cables reaching 20 to 70 feet high. The cable lengths range from 80 to 560 feet.

This spring, you can ride the new quarter mile Super Zip. The Super Zip is a thousand feet longer than the other ziplines and guarantees you the thrill of your life.

"You guys can land in the trees on the platform and you go from tree to tree," said Buffington.

All because of the super interest in the zipline during the Super Bowl, explore Brown County is now bracing for a super busy zipline season.

Prices range from $35 to $85.

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