Super Bowl Boulevard fans leave disappointed

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The first surprise of the night came on the very area where Super Bowl Boulevard was located for the last week.  Everybody gathered thinking they could watch the game in Times Square.

"I'll probably end up watching the game on TV, right here - the game on the screens," said Hassan Blount, who was with his Seattle friends in Times Square. "After the Super Bowl game, we will have Super Bowl hats.  We will have championship hats."
More than a few fans did not have tickets to the big game and they were okay with that.

For Tristan Johnson, it was worth the trip. "We had a bunch of fun...went out to a bunch of clubs last night.  The Boulevard was awesome."
Dave Pavelka brought his family all the way from Denver - without a ticket.

Manny Jones thought Peyton Manning would carry Denver to a win. "Peyton is a god. He is a football god. He needs another ring."

"The best quarterback to ever touch the football in the history of the NFL, period," said Alex Rosago.

"We are going to a party," said Bobby Grant, who was busy taking pictures. "We won round trip tickets via Alaska Airlines."  That prize included everything except a game ticket.

But all those people who planned on watching on Times Square got more than a little frustrated with only a white screen, instead of the game.

"The stupid screen.  The white screen."
They finally just gave up.  And as it turned out they didn't miss much.  

And New York City can get back to normal.