Super Bowl art exhibit hits the TURF

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A new Super Bowl exhibit opens to the public this weekend. You could call TURF for art, fun, edgy and out there. Located in the former city hall at Ohio and Alabama Streets, the exhibit features 24 art installations, most done by Indianapolis artists.

Mark Ruschman with the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association (the sponsor) says TURF "is not your typical art fair where you see paintings on the wall and sculptures."

Instead you see large multi-textured, multi-layered and often abstract pieces that play with the senses.

"There are video, sound and architectural components," Ruschman said. "That's the essence of installation art, what makes it so different."

One piece, called Inside the Mind of an Artist, is a busy collage of found objects - a visual overload.

"My way of looking at it is you're almost looking into the studio of the artist and the creative process," said Ruschman.

Several are installations are interactive, including Switch x 2.0. It features two walls filled with small night lights. The lights move with you as you move through the room. There are several video installations - a virtual waterfall and a video that at first looks like a snake slithering across the screen. But look closer and you see the "snake" is actually video shot from above of an Asian marketplace.

Mark Ruschman says TURF is meant to show Super Bowl fans the city's artistic side.

"I think they'll be surprised at the level of talent in this town," he said.

The works range from a sculpture created from old vinyl records to one composed of antique instruments, but "there's no music with this piece. I asked the artist and he said he'd rather people bring their own ideas of what the sound would be like."

You can also step inside a recreation of Harry Houdini's séance room. As you move through the lights start to flicker before the room goes dim.

"Everything about it is supposed to give you a sense you're in the middle of a séance," said Ruschman.

The exhibit is free to the public. The IDADA Art Pavilion will be open Tuesdays - Sundays, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Super Bowl Sunday. Monday, Martin Luther King Jr., Day, it will be open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Ruschman says IDADA is covering the $160,000 to host TURF though donations and in-kind contributions.