Super 46 Indiana sandwich contest

Shapiro's Reuben
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When you think of Indiana food, the fried pork tenderloin probably comes to mind. But you might also consider the rueben at Shapiro's, whose history dates back more than 100 years. The rueben will be going to head-to-head against tenderloins, burgers and brats to determine Indiana's best. 

The battle is part of Super 46 Sandwiches, a contest sponsored by Indiana's Office of Tourism Development.  It's pitting Papa Roux's pulled pork poboy, up against grilled cheese and falafel.  The idea is to promote not only local Indiana food, but different parts of the state.  The schnitz brat will take Super Bowl visitors to Jasper, the classic burger to Madison, Indiana.

On the east side and City Market, the Papa Roux staff are convinced their mix of pork, cole slaw and a top secret mayonnaise concoction they call "voudoux sauce" will win over the stomachs of diners. "They love the sandwich because it's something different," according to Papa Roux manager Chad Stearns. "It's a little taste of Cajun and a little taste of Indiana, so it's all kind of mixed up into one, and it's filling. It's a sandwich and a meal all in one."

"We know that we're going to have thousands and thousands of visitors coming to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl," explained Amy Vaughan of the Office of Tourism Development.  "We really want to showcase the state, really show them the best of the best and then encourage them to return."

Indianapolis Monthly helped narrow down a large list of sandwiches to 46. Voters will chose the top 16 by Friday, narrow that down to eight, then four. 

And finally, the best of the best will be chosen the week of the Super Bowl. 

Online voting officially begins today.  You can vote at this link.   

But the word has gotten out and some restaurants already have thousands of votes.  Leading the pack, the Duane Purvis All-American burger at Triple XXX in West Lafayette. 

All of these local restaurants stand to be winners even before the contest officially begins. 

A visitors guide will be handed out at the airport, hotels and on the streets of Indianapolis.  On the cover is Shapiro's rueben and inside is a list of all 46 sandwiches, and where you can buy them.