Sunny stretch and warming trend to continue

Sean Ash

What a day! Central Indiana is definitely reaping the rewards from the departure of the cold-core low that brought showery May weather for several days.


After a chilly start this morning in the mid/upper 30's, afternoon highs responded nicely to the abundant sunshine and reached 60 degrees for the first time since 8pm Tuesday. Despite the bright sky it was still 10 degrees below average. The warming trend continues the next several days.


Lows tonight will fall into the lower and middle 40's, but temperatures rise rapidly Monday into 60's by noon and lower 70's by 5pm.

highs RPM RPM_1 RPM_2

80's are possible Tuesday and look likely Wednesday despite scattered thunderstorms.

Current modeling suggests the front triggering these storms will sink south of the Ohio River… providing the ideal set up for late week and race weekend.


Above is the operational outputs of the European model (top) and American (GFS on bottom) model at 8am on race day morning. Both show a large area of high pressure blanketing the Ohio Valley with remnant front triggering precipitation along the boundary in Missouri. It’s certainly subject to change this far out… but if long range guidance verifies we’re looking at mostly sunny conditions next weekend with comfortable highs in the middle 70's.


Let’s hope this proves to be true and the Skytrak13 weather team will update the forecast as needed. Enjoy the evening – Sean Ash