Summer break and keeping a routine for your children

For many school systems, this is the last day of school before summer break.

It's an exciting time for children, so why are they acting out?

Even if they go to summer camp each day, it's likely their sleep schedules are 'off'.

Or if they have no structure in their day, that can lead to changes in their behavior.

'Kids love routine, ' says Riley pediatrician Dr Michael McKenna. 'When there is no routine, they act out and do things they don't normally do. They may be meaner, not as nice to their brother or sister...may become withdrawn...'

Keeping a routine, especially at night is key even during the summer months.

McKenna adds, 'if you want to let them sleep in a little later in the summer that's alright but definitely a consistent bedtime is going to make it easier...'

He recommends at least 10 hours of sleep a night for children. McKenna also suggests opportunities to keep a child's brain active, like summer reading programs.

And limit the amount of screen time--either computer or television--to one to two hours a day.

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