Sugarland's Bush gives deposition on State Fair tragedy

Sugarland's Kristian Bush (right) gave his deposition about the State Fair tragedy Friday.

Lawyers heard from the other half of the Sugarland duo today in more depositions about the night of the State Fair tragedy.

In his deposition, Sugarland's Kristian Bush sang the same tune Friday as that of Jennifer Nettles the day before about the events surrounding the stage collapse at the State Fairgrounds. This according to an attorney for some of the victims of the stage collapse, who heard both testimonies.

"According to them, they are stating that they were unaware of the weather-related issues and they're claiming that they were never asked to postpone or delay the concert," said attorney Mario Massillamany.

Massillamany says Bush testified he did not know what was in the performance contract for that night.

"Under the contract, Sugarland is in power to stop the show, but Kristian Bush stated that he does not know or did not know what was in the rider in regards to him having the power of the band, him and Jennifer having the power to stop, or postpone or delay the show," Massillamany said.

According to the attorney, both performers said they relied on their tour manager to decide if the show should go forward. That's a very different story than the one State Fair officials have already given.

"In the State Fair report, it was specifically crystal clear that State Fair representatives went to Helen Rollins and informed her and asked her if they were willing to delay or postpone the concert," Massillamany said. "From what was in the report, Helen Rollins came back and said that the band Sugarland did not want to postpone or delay the concert."

Such different accounts between Sugarland and State Fair officials set the stage to hear from tour manager Helen Rollins about just who made the call to go on with the show right before disaster struck.

Rollins was supposed to give her testimony Friday, but her appearance was postponed until next month.