Study shows texting and walking a dangerous distraction

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Texting while you're walking may seem harmless, but a study shows it can be a dangerous distraction.

"Safekids worldwide" conducted its first study on how teenagers cross the road.

It followed more than 34,000 kids ages 16 and under and discovered teenagers are more at risk than any other demographic.

We talk to so many young kids about safety, look left right left, but as kids get older we worry about other things and we don't really talk to them about walking to and from school, and those are the kids that do walk to and from school," said Sally Kreuscher, a child advocacy program manager.

The study showed one in eight middle schoolers were distracted while texting and walking.

One in five high schoolers were distracted.

Teenagers ages 15-19 account for half of all pedestrian deaths under age 19.

The study found teens were just as distracted by wearing headphones as they were by texting.