Study: Recovery time triples for second concussion

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If you've suffered a concussion or severe blow to the head in the last year, a new study shows it will take you even longer to recover from a repeat head trauma.

The national study was published in The Journal of Pediatrics.

Doctors had long suspected young people aged 11-22 who went to the emergency room with a repeat concussion within a year took longer to recover than from the first concussion. This latest study confirmed that, showing recovery from the first concussion takes about 12 days. Those recovering from a second concussion within a year took almost triple that at 35 days.

Doctors say a majority of those hurt were injured playing sports.

"Kids who'd had a previous concussion had twice the duration of symptoms of those who hadn't had a previous concussion," said Dr. Matthew Eisenberg, Boston Children's Hospital.

Concussions can happen to anyone, but they are of specific concern to children, because doctors don't know if they affect the developing brain. The study shows they are most likely to happen during games than practice, but the benefits of physical activity and teamwork vastly outweigh the risk of concussions.