Study ranks Ball St., ISU among most violent campuses

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Two universities in Indiana are on a list of the most dangerous college campuses in the country.

Indiana State and Ball State Universities are in the top 25 campuses where students are more likely to become victims in a study by Business Insider Law & Order.

One student who suffered a violent attack last week in Muncie spoke with Eyewitness News Monday. The Ball State senior is recovering from the violent surprise attack, which left a deep cut on his face. Police are still looking for three men who allegedly attacked him around 3 a.m. Friday.

"Right when I was getting ready to pass them, the guy closest to my left jumped out on me and swung on me," the victim said.

The study by Business Insider Law & Order ranked campuses based on violent persons and property crimes. Indiana State ranks 12th with nine violent crimes and 214 property crimes. Ball State came in just ahead of that, ranking 11th with 19 violent crimes against people and 353 property crimes.

Near Ball State, despite someone throwing rocks to break out windows at a campus-area church, sophomore Kyle Pomerenke says he still feels safe.

"It's a good campus. Ball State does a good job letting us know when something did happen," he said.

After the stabbing Friday morning at Dicks and Riverside Avenue, campus police alerted the Ball State student body about the incident. Despite the ranking, many of the students give police a good grade on keeping them safe.

Freshman Madison Biddle just completed a campus safety research paper and warns against drawing conclusions based on a single study.

"Some research was saying that crime has actually gone down in a couple of years, so the police are really doing a better job at it, I say," Biddle said.

The victim of Friday's attack hopes someone helps police will eventually catch the men who left him scarred.

"They don't look like students, that is my perception. I don't think they were students," he said.