Students, parents react to Carmel charges

Four Carmel seniors were indicted on battery and criminal recklessness charges.
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Rich Van Wyk/Eyewitness News

Carmel - School administrators in Carmel are not talking about Monday's indictment of four students in an assault investigation. But several students, parents and a school board member shared their opinion with Eyewitness News.

Carmel High School students say they watched the televised news conference announcing the indictment of four classmates.

"I was just surprised by the whole situation. It happens on every sports team, it just got taken too far," said student Troy Desmond.

School board member Bruce Calabrese praised investigators for their thorough and time-consuming work.

"They did the right thing when it comes to protecting the kids, as minors, and protecting the adults and parents as citizens," he said.

But what investigators aren't saying about the alleged brutal hazing of younger team members by older athletes, to some, is disturbing.

"I'd like to find out what the coaches were doing that were on the bus. Were the coaches all up in the front, talking among themselves so they didn't hear something, or what?" asked Patty Zaring.

The incident, the suspension of four senior players and the public ordeal has shocked much of the community.

"I just didn't know what the whole cover-up was about. I wasn't sure if it was more about the kids that it happened to were fabricating the stuff, or if it was just...I wasn't sure which side was true," said Carmel parent Mike Chaille.

"They're young people, they did some stupid things, I think, and fortunately for them, it wasn't worse than it was," Dick Moore said.

Many, though, are critical to the ongoing attention on Carmel High School. Some downplayed Monday's announcement, insisting it was just a typical day at school.

"The whole school has moved past it, mainly because the media is kind of blowing it up," said student Joe St. Clair.

All the attention and criminal investigation has caused Carmel to write a new, comprehensive anti-hazing initiative. School board members will get their first look at the policy at their board meeting Monday night.

"It's not just athletics or extra curriculars, I'm concerned as a school board member and as a parent that all our children feel that they're in a safe environment and I want to make sure that we're moving forward and always doing a better job to prevent situations like this one from occurring," said school board president Andrew Klein.

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