Students make long distance call to space


Brownsburg - Some students in Brownsburg will talk with a tourist on board the International Space Station Thursday.

The students are one step ahead of the game thanks to the Challenger Learning Center in Brownsburg. It is where more than 9,000 students a year from all over the state start their astronaut training.

They can fly simulated missions to Mars, comets the moon, or to a disabled satellite to replace it.

The center's director says they're not only learning science and math, but 21st century skills like communication, teamwork and problem-solving so they're prepared when they enter work force whether that be in space or on the ground.

It's how Richard Gariott, the civilian space traveler they'll be talking to, got his start.
He was a student of June Skobee Rogers, one of the founding members of the Challenger Learning Center.

He became a multi-millionaire, designing video games.  He comes from a family of innovators, his father Owen Garriott, was the first ham radio operator in space and now he will be using the same means to talk to students Thursday.

Watch the conversation here.