Students discuss youth violence at town hall meeting


With the rash of violence Indianapolis has seen this summer, there a frank discussion taking place Tuesday about ways to curb future problems.

Students at Arsenal Tech High School are hosting a town hall meeting this morning that will also include representatives from IMPD and other community leaders.

Some of the shootings in Indianapolis have turned fatal, with many of the victims and suspects teenagers.  So, what kind of impact does violence like that have on the community as a whole, especially young people?  That is the question Tech students hope to answer.

Those students have been rehearsing for a town hall forum that will go live Tuesday morning to get the attention of other teens as well as teachers and community leaders.

Korrie Warren is a senior at Tech High School: "A lot of our students live in high crime areas and a lot of our students go home to these situations.  We just want to know how it is to cope with these living conditions."

October Kniess is a junior at Tech.  She says, "Some kids don't feel safe coming outside. There is always the fear that someone may come and harm us at school where we spend most of our time. Fights that break out, random things that seems like today's youth is angry."

Those students are also hoping to come up with some possible solutions and alternatives to violence.  They have students who'll be tweeting questions during the forum and using social media to get as many young people involved as possible.

That forum gets underway at 9:30 Tuesday morning at Arsenal Tech High School.