Students at Greenwood school prepare for day of digital learning


At least one school plans to keep its kids in class no matter how much snow we get Monday.

It's part of a new push for something called E-learning, where kids connect with their teachers online from the comfort of their home.

Teachers, parents and students at Saints Francis & Clare Catholic School in Greenwood are preparing for their first E-learning day on Monday in advance of the expected snowfall.

Many students already have classes that don't even use paper for homework assignments, but do everything online.

Students at the schools have already missed six days of school this winter because of the weather. The state gave them the go-ahead to have digital classes if they had to, rather than miss any more school days and have to make those days up later in the year.

Welcome to learning in the 21st century, where students do their assignments on line rather than on paper.

"In the world we live in, the school isn't necessarily the building anymore," explained St. Francis and Clare Catholic School's Technology Director Michael Pawlik.

For students at the school, a snow day because of bad weather, isn't what it used to be anymore, either.

"I'm going to be on my couch or in my bedroom," said second grader Jasmine Horsman of where she'll be Monday if school is canceled.

Just because classes aren't meeting at school, though, doesn't mean Jasmine won't still be will still be in class with her teacher Mrs. Brown and her other classmates.

"I do the work, " said Jasmine of her plans for Monday.

Jasmine and all the other students from the school will be at home and logged onto computers.

"I'll be teaching Jasmine on Monday digitally," said second grade teacher Kellie Brown.

"It definitely shows we're in a new day. 21st century learning is different than when we grew up and the state of Indiana recognizes that," explained Pawlik.

"It's not going to be that much different than our regular day," said Brown, who explained that her students already do much of their school work on iPads at school.

"I'm excited for it," said Jasmine.

Parents, who have been home plenty this winter with kids off from school, are also excited about the day of E-learning.

"It's certainly a very good option as opposed to sitting at the house doing nothing," said parent Danny DelPriore.

Not this Monday, though. At least not for the kids at Saints Francis and Clare.

"All you're going to have to do is not wear a uniform on Monday if we have snow," Pawlik explained to students.

It's a little more involved than that, though.

"We have to get up and do this work," said Horsman who said she usually just slept in on a regular snow day.

That won't be happening Monday, but Jasmine did admit she might just stay in her pajamas for the day.

"I'm going to be wearing my comfy clothes," the second grader said.