Students ask safety questions after Ball State gun report

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Police at Ball State have given the all clear after the report of a man with a gun Monday morning.

Police say someone reported a white man with a gun near the Bracken Library in the direction of the Noyer and Whitinger Business Building.

Police say the man had no discernible threatening behavior, nor did he appear to be walking toward any specific building. It appeared he had a handgun in his left hand.

Despite the all clear notice, students still have plenty of questions about the situation.

"I didn't really get any follow-up information of if it was confirmed that he was found or anything like that. It was more like, 'I'm not sure what was going on and that compromises my safety on campus'," said one Ball State student.

"No, they did not find an individual at this time. The police would not have issued an all clear if they were not confident in their investigation," said a university spokesperson. "(Students)should be resuming their normal activities and feeling confident that police have thoroughly investigated the situation."

Ball State officials want students to continue reporting any danger they notice on campus.

The report is still under investigation.