Students and parents on alert at the bus stop

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Parents and students in Fishers are being asked to be on the alert as they head to school.

On Monday, police say a man tried to pick up students at a bus stop near 126th Street and Ford Road.  Officers tell Eyewitness News the incident happened around 7:00 a.m.  That is when a white male driving a red car came up to students who were waiting on the bus, and offered them a ride to school. The students said no, and the man drove off.

One student then called his parents to report what happened, the parent contacted the school, which contacted police.

Fishers Police believe this report to be credible.

"One of the students contacted his parents, and they in turn contacted the school corporation and the school corporation did a very good job of alerting all the parents to this potentially dangerous situation," said officer Tom Weger.

Officer Weger said the only problem is, the police were contacted last, and the by the time officers arrived in the area, the man was long gone.

That is why police urge anyone, including students, to call 911 first if they see anyone suspicious in the area.

Fishers police do credit Hamilton South Eastern with promptly sending out alerts to parents about what had happened.

"I get my alerts on time all the time, so I was well aware of it. So I actually came out and waited for her to get off the bus, that's why I was out here. And the bus lets her off right there and I seen her get off she walked right up here and I knew everything was fine," said parent Patrick Sestel.

If you have any information in this case, please contact the Fishers Police Department.