Student arrested for attacking teacher at John Marshall High School

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A ninth grade student was arrested after attacking a John Marshall High School special education teacher, Indianapolis Public Schools said Friday.

According to IPS, the teacher's jaw was broken.

While the incident erupted in a hallway at the school, investigators told Eyewitness News it started in a classroom earlier.

"We know that the student had been in the teacher's classroom and that the student, because of his behavior, had been told to leave the classroom and go to the office," said IPS spokesman John Althardt.

School officials said after the student went to the office, he returned and attacked the teacher who had sent him there.

"The student confronted the teacher in the hallway outside of the teacher's classroom and began striking the teacher in the head and face region," said Althardt.

Another student stepped in and separated the two.

"We're very grateful that another student intervened and actually pulled the first student off of the teacher and probably saved that teacher from additional injury," Althardt said.

The district said the offending student faces suspension and possible expulsion.

"My hope is that the message we send to our students is that if you dare act in this manner, that it will be dealt with swiftly and in a way that we hope will deter any other student from thinking about doing something as horrendous as this," said Althardt.

District officials called the attack an unusual event, saying attacks on teachers are not commonplace.

According to the school, the teacher is undergoing a medical procedure on Saturday to fix his jaw which was broken in two places.