Strong winds cause damage

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James Shook had a big mess to deal with Sunday morning.

High winds brought a massive tree down, sending it crashing on top of their Fry Road home

"We heard limbs and everything falling so we decided to get out of the bedroom the bedroom is right where the tree fell and as soon as we did that the tree just fell over all you could hear was it crashing into the house and all the cars," said Shooks girlfriend Sierra Tucker.

The tree crushed two vehicles parked in the driveway and damaged the roof but the couple and their 15-month-old son were not hurt.

"I was so glad it was the cars and not us that was scary. I'm so glad that it worked out the way it did," said Tucker.

A half mile west, the wind damaged roofs and took out three large trees in Robert Aldersons yard.

"They are 30 to 40 feet tall yeah. Just snapped them like twigs" said Alderson.

All around the south side there are damaged fences, downed trees, even blown out windows.

The high winds also blew over several utility poles knocking out power, keeping Fry Road closed between US 31 and Madison Avenue for hours.

"This is really strange weather but it's Indiana," said Jo Wildin. The wind kept her up but didn't cause any damage to her Greenwood home. Others who were spared damage lost power.

At the peak, around 2100 homes were without power in Johnson County according to Duke Energy. Flooding also shut down a number of county roads from Greenwood to Franklin.

This wild weather has Bill Kerchner worried about what the rest of the season might bring.

"I'm scared about February though it's going to be cold."

For now the focus is on cleaning up before winter returns.