Strong Arctic front late tonight brings wind and snow squall potential

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Sean Ash

Deceiving sun over Central Indiana, with temperatures a good 20 to 30 degrees below normal.  Highs will range from the mid-teens up north to the lower 20s south.


Another Arctic front arrives Thursday morning to reinforce the already bitter cold air in place.  Temperatures will hold nearly steady tonight, but an increasing wind pushes "feels like" temperatures well below zero Thursday morning.  The passage of the Arctic front tomorrow morning will knock temperatures into the single digits even after sunrise…before leveling off in the lower teens Thursday afternoon.


Strong sustained wind of 25-35mph can be expected with gusts up to 50+mph with the pre-dawn frontal passage… along with the possibility of snow squalls.  The quick coating of snow could make it messy for some morning commuters.

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Adding insult to injury will be brutal wind chills of -10 to -25 for the bus stop and ride into work.  Definitely wake up with Nicole Misencik Thursday morning for the latest as you may need to add some extra time to your ride.

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Medium range computer model guidance continues to support our theory of a high impact Winter Storm this weekend.  Confidence is high there will be a prolonged precipitation event with significant amounts of snow, sleet and ice across the Ohio Valley including Central Indiana.  However track and exact amounts of any given precip-type remain uncertain.  Timing for now looks to be between Saturday night and well into Monday.

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Be aware that this will impact traveling across the region during that time and we're advising you to check back for updates to the highly changeable forecast this weekend.

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Long range guidance suggests record breaking cold is possible next week.  Admittedly my forecast high and low temperatures next Tuesday and Wednesday may be too "warm."  Winter is not going away anytime soon.  Have a great afternoon – Sean Ash