Stroller Jam moms protest lack of progress on gun control

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A stroller jam took place in downtown Indianapolis Tuesday. It's part of a nationwide organized protest by "Moms Demand Action for gun sense in America," a group that mobilized after the Sandy Hook school shooting.

One of the protesters explained to Eyewitness News that they were there to thank Sen. Joe Donnelly for his vote in favor of background checks, but also to voice their displeasure at Sen. Dan Coats' vote against it.

Nicky McNally was among a few dozen people at the protest.

"We're here today first of all to thank Sen. Donnelly for supporting universal background checks and expanding background checks to the internet and gun shows, and we're here to say, 'Senator Coats, it was a shameful vote for you to vote against background checks,'" she said.

Congress voting down universal background checks is only the first battle, McNally said.

"This is just the beginning. It's not the end. This is a long road. We knew it would be a long battle. We didn't think after Dec. 14th that things would be resolved in four months. We're just here to let him know we vote. We care. And this is not the end," she said.

She got involved in the movement because of her four children, including one in first grade. On the day of the Sandy Hook killings, she could not get the images of the schoolchildren out of her head.

"It was time to stand up and say something about it and change the world for our children's safety," McNally said.

The group will be focused on the 2014 mid-term elections.

"We're gonna let them know this is an issue people really care about there are consequences for voting no."

That is likely an uphill battle. Even after the idea of gun restrictions gained momentum after 26 children and educators were shot and killed in Newtown, Connecticut last December, Congress has cooled towards the topic. The Obama administration supports universal background checks, but they lacked the votes to get it passed.