Stripes on interstate show INDOT at work

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Stripes on the interstate tell you INDOT has already been out with salt brine to keep the roads from freezing when the storm hits.

At the Interstate 65 Boone County rest stop big rigs and four wheelers are trying to stay ahead of the storm.

"We were at the state swimming meet in Indianapolis and we left early so we could miss it," one motorist explained.

Another driver said, "Just trying to get out of it quickly as we can. Don't want to get caught in that stuff? Yeah yeah."

With over six snowy inches possible along chunks of their route, "I thought I'd get home before the snow hits," says Randy Fairchild heading home to Lafayette. "Stay home and watch basketball and take it easy. in my little truck you don't want to be out in any snow."

Another motorist headed back to Illinois says "What you going to do move down to Florida? Oh yeah let's."