Stranger donates lost money to man who fell for church scam

Thomas Ingram
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An Indianapolis man who got scammed out of his life savings got a huge blessing today.

Eyewitness News delivered a $1,500 money order to 74-year-old Thomas Ingram after an anonymous donor dropped it off at our downtown studios.

Last week Ingram lost $1,500 to a man who claimed he needed money to rebuild his burned down church. Security cameras at the PNC Bank in Brightwood recorded Ingram withdrawing the money with a man in the car.

Ingram recently buried his wife and a daughter. But another daughter discovered the scam when paying his bills.

"God sends us angels even when we are not even aware of them and this was one of them. We want to tell that person thank you very much for your kindness, for your love for somebody you don't even know," said Kimberly Landers, the victim's daughter.

Ingram's family say they were just trying to figure out how to pay his bills today.

Indianapolis Metro Police is investigating, and they urge people with elderly family members to talk to them about possible scams.

Eyewitness News is waiting on security camera photos from PNC Bank that may help identify the suspected scam artist. If an IMPD detective is assigned to the case there will also be video from cameras at the East 16th St. Dollar General Store as well. 

Ingram's family hopes he is caught so no other people fall for the burned down church donation scam.