Storms last night damaged some homes and trees in the Fishers area

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Strong storms and heavy rain Tuesday night into Wednesday left its mark around central Indiana.

In the Fishers area, there are reports of some damage to homes, trees, and fences knocked down.

The National Weather Service is expected to examine the damage Wednesday to see if the destruction was done by straight line winds or something more severe.

There were also reports last night of winds over 40 miles an hour in and around Hamilton County.

Tom Sivak with Hamilton County Emergency Management says there are several things they will be looking at later today.

"There's a couple of things we're looking at, first is path. The pathway of damage. That's kind of hard right now at night, that's why we're coming back out to assess in the morning. There's not much damage to houses, that's another thing we're looking for, missing shingles, twisted trees, anything like that, we've seen just a couple of them in the neighborhood," he said.

Overnight rain also created ponding and even wash out conditions on roads around Indianapolis for the early morning drive.

With a lot of rain falling in not much time, many storm drains couldn't keep up with all the water.

Debris and weeds also created some problems for storm drains to keep up, like near the intersection of Central Avenue and 13th Streets, making a nasty surprise for drivers.