Storms cut short Community Day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Strong thunderstorms brought Community Day to a halt at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway by 4:00 pm Wednesday.

Fans left quickly as storms moved in, and track officials made sure families stayed safe as the rain started to fall and the wind picked up. The storms also brought lightning to the area.

It's a day many racing fans look forward to in the month of May - the day they get to meet their favorite drivers, and even take a ride on the famed 2-1/2 mile oval at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

WTHR's crew was eliminated in the first round of the Media Pit Stop Challenge, but everyone still had fun for the charitable event.

IMS Community Day gives fans a different perspective. It attracts a lot of families to the track - and of course, their safety was the first priority as storms came through.

Kelby Hicks is with the 500 Festival: "It's honestly a chill day at the track. It's a behind the scenes look at the Indianapolis motor speedway.  Fans don't usually get that opportunity, but the garages are open you get to meet with your favorite driver which is awesome.  You get to experience the track without the crowds of race day."
All 33 drivers were available throughout the day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.