Storm victim proves importance of having safety plan

Virginia Grinder ran to a neighbor's house before the tornadoes hit.

The deadly tornadoes in Indiana earlier this month are teaching all of us a lot of life-saving lessons. One of those is to make sure your family has a safety plan to survive the storm.

"Then the siren started down at the firehouse," said tornado victim Virginia Grinder.

Virginia was alerted by the tornado sirens and she started her safety plan.

"I looked out and I thought, 'Well, I better get myself prepared,' so I filled up the spare bathroom with things for me to lay on and put over top of me. I was going to stay there on the spare bathroom floor," she said.

With a massive tornado coming up the hill, she ran two houses down the street to safety.

"The sirens stopped and when they started again, the second time, something told me to get out of there and I think it was the good Lord. So I went down to my nephew's house and got in the basement," Virginia said.

Gusty winds ripped a metal flag from the ground and stuck it in her vehicle's tire. A 2x4 board from yards away broke through a sunroof and damaged a family member's car.

"This is from the hail and debris. And this is debris. See my house? You can tell we had a lot of hail. The blessed thing was, a Good Samaritan paid for me to get my windows put in," Virginia said.

Volunteers from Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Kentucky, Illinois and Wisconsin came to help after the tornadoes, but it was Virginia's move to safety that saved her life.

"I took my prescription medicine, my purse and left. Everything else was here," she said.