Storm shelter saves woman's life in Marysville

Cindy and Chuck Martin recently had a storm shelter put in near their home.

A Marysville woman credits an investment her family made with saving her life in the deadly storms.

There was a small cluster of mobile homes on a hilltop northeast of Marysville.

"We had one fatality," said Cindy Martin, as she searched through the debris of her mobile home. "One neighbor died. Everybody else survived. Lost their homes and stuff."

Cindy and Chuck Martin had an underground storm shelter built years ago. He says that's what saved his wife's life.

"Yes. She was down here. Hadn't been for that, she wouldn't be here," Chuck Martin said. "The neighbor didn't make it. Yeah the shelter was a good investment."

Family and friends came from hundreds of miles to help find pieces of the Martin's scattered lives.

Cindy Martin was scared when she huddled alone in that shelter Friday afternoon.

"I don't know what made me shut the door when I did. It's everything they say it is. The roaring and the whistling like a train. I was never so scared in my life," she said.

A friend is loaning them a vacant house to use while they find a new home. Cindy Martin plans to phone the contractor who installed her storm shelter and thank him. She hears he no longer builds them.

The damage zone in Nabb, Indiana straddles SR 362 in Clark and Scott counties.

"Unless someone looks themselves, you have no idea what it looks like. A war zone down here," said Brady Clement.

Clement drove down from Greenwood to do what he could.

"Its like nothing you ever seen. I don't think pictures do it justice," he said.

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