Stores expecting to reopen to eager shoppers following blizzard

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Parking lots were covered in snow Wednesday, preventing shoppers from getting in or getting out once they got in. That's why Simon Malls and so many other stores closed early.

Simon Malls wanted employees to get home safely before the roads became impassable. They were also worried about shoppers and wanted to prevent anyone from coming in and taking a chance on the slick roads. Blizzard conditions led to empty parking lots on what normally would have been a busy day for post-holiday sales and returns.

Simon Malls will reopen at 10:00 Thursday morning to shoppers eager to find deals.

Some shoppers did head out for deals Wednesday night. Shovels were in short supply, but shoppers had little competition for Christmas clearance items.

Most stores have ice melt and salt for those looking for snow-removal supplies.

But you may have to shop around as some of their stock ran out.

The question for retailers is whether sales on the second day after Christmas will hit anywhere close to the mark for the anticipated day after Christmas. Time and shoppers will tell.