Stores are tracking shoppers with cell phones

New York Senator Charles Schumer
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If you have a cell phone, there are stores that can track your every movement while you're shopping.  They know where you go in the store, the products you stop in front of, and for how long.

New York Senator Charles Schumer says this is going too far. He says he wants shoppers to be allowed to opt out of this tracking.

"The place you want to draw the line probably is being followed without your permission. They'll know for instance if you spend 15-20 minutes in the liquor department. They'll know if you're looking at certain drug good, prescription drug goods. They're going to know a lot about you from following you around," said Sen. Schumer.

The stores that track your shopping include Family Dollar, United Colors of Benetton, American Apparel and Swatch.  
There's one sure way you can avoid being tracked in the store. Just turn off your phone while you're shopping.