Store employee will keep job after shooting, killing robbery suspect

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A liquor store employee will keep his job after shooting and killing an armed robbery suspect over the weekend.

Zach Rogers considers himself a responsible gun owner.

"I've had a permit to carry since I was 18," he told Eyewitness News on Sunday.

While always prepared to use the handgun he carried, Rogers hoped the range would be the only place he would fire his weapon.

Around 12:30 Sunday morning, his second amendment rights were put to the test at 21st Amendment, the liquor store at Keystone and Hannah where he was working a night shift.

"An armed suspect walks into a business with three folks just doing their job and attempts to rob them, pointing a gun at them," said Metro Police Public Information Officer Kendale Adams.

Rogers says that's when he pulled out his gun.

"It was either I do something or nothing happens," Rogers said.

The army veteran fired multiple shots, killing the suspect.

"All my coworkers had kids. I've got a child. It was more about making sure parents went home. Unfortunately someone didn't but three people who were just doing their job, did," said Rogers.

Rogers has struggled finding work since returning home from his second tour of duty in Iraq back in January. In fact, this is the first job he has been able to land and Saturday was only his third day.

"There's always a reason for everything, I think. I'm glad I was there, because I don't think a lot of people who work at stores like that would have been able to do anything about it," said Rogers.

He says he couldn't take the chance of letting the suspect kill someone else, though he wishes this could have ended differently.

"Unfortunately life is incredibly short and a lot of times it's short for no reason - like last night. That didn't have to happen," said Rogers.

Police have identified the suspect but are not yet releasing his name.

The shooting remains under investigation. An autopsy was scheduled for Monday morning. The prosecutor's office will determine if charges will be filed, although police believe that's unlikely, given the circumstances.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call IMPD Homicide Detectives at 317-327-3475.