Stolen dog returned to northwest Indianapolis couple

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An Indianapolis woman had a happy reunion after her dog was stolen right out of her car.

"His little head was resting on the ledge, edge of the window," said Mary Squires.

But as Squires was pulling away from the stoplight at the intersection of Georgetown Road and 56th Street, someone snatched her dog, Solow, right out of the passenger's window.

"I went into shock, because one moment he was there and the next moment, he wasn't and I looked and I panicked and got hysterical," she said.

"She called, very hysterical. Very hysterical. I could not understand what she was saying. I could not reason with her," said Squires' husband, Philip.

But he eventually got the message loud and clear. Someone had stolen their beloved pet, ripping their hearts right out.

"I thought, 'Oh my goodness, what am I going to do without my baby?' Because he's always in my lap and if he's not in my lap, he's in his dad's lap over there," Mary Squires said.

The couple called police and notified their vet's office, who sent out Facebook messages and alerts.

Many people helped the Squires look for Solow and a decision they made four years ago when they first got him helped bring him home.

"If the dog was found, they would take him to the vet, they would scan him and it would lead right back to us and that's exactly what happened," Philip Squires said.

A microchip the couple had implanted in Solow saved the day when a man found the dog roaming alongside the road and took him in. A week later, Solow got sick and the man took him to the vet. That's when the microchip did its job, leading to Solow's return.

"So glad to have him home. So glad to have him home," said Mary Squires.

In another interesting twist, the family who found Solow is the Cardenas family. Their son, one-year-old Juan Cardenas wandered into a baptismal pool at a north side church last year and drowned.

As Mr. Cardenas returned Solow to the Squires Wednesday morning, he told them their dog had already brought much-needed joy and life into the house that had been missing since his son's death.