Sting: No inheritance for kids

Sting: No inheritance for kids
Sting: Stingy? Or just being a practical dad?
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Former Police frontman and solo artist Sting says he won't be leaving a penny of his $300 million fortune to any of his six children.

Sting, 62, tells the Daily Mail he doesn't want to leave his three sons and three daughters a trust fund that would be like an "albatross" around their necks.

The Police helped catapult Sting to rock stardom in the early 1980s with hits like Every Little Thing She Does is Magic and Every Breath You Take. His solo career took off after that, propelling him to further musical fame with hits like If You Love Someone, Set Them Free.

It seems like Sting is truly setting his children free by making sure they earn their own way in the world.

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