Still signs of unrest following police shooting in Ferguson, Mo.

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The streets in Ferguson, Mo. are relatively quiet today, but there are still some signs of the unrest from last night when more than 30 people were arrested on charges including assault, burglary and theft.

The violence followed a vigil for an unarmed teen who was fatally shot by police in the St. Louis suburb.

It was chaotic Sunday night in Ferguson. Police report 32 arrests, mostly for looting.

Nearly a dozen stores were set on fire.

All of it was outrage and anger over the police shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown mid-day Saturday.

Police say Brown was unarmed. They are giving as many details as they can about the shooting.

They say the confrontation began with an assault inside the police cruiser - a struggle for the gun they say was inside the cruiser.

One shot was fired inside the police car, but it didn't hit anyone.

Police say the struggle then spilled out into the street and that's where Michael Brown was shot multiple times and killed about mid-day on Saturday.

It is unknown why police and Brown met on that street.

No one knows exactly what happened inside the car.