Still looking for clues in Spierer disappearance as her IU classmates graduate


Angelica Villoi is leaving Indiana University with a diploma and something almost as important.  Her mother Mariana says "She is coming out debt free - no car payments..very lucky."

Villoi and her mother have made the sacrifices and now is the pay off is " just seeing her walk in and when they said you are formally awarded this diploma, that made my heart skip a beat. It is really happening four years later.  I'm so proud of her."

This is a bittersweet day at Indiana University. During commencement the senior class remembered Lauren Spierer.

As her classmates take one last picture on campus, Lauren's picture will remain part of the Indiana University and Bloomington landscape, says Rabbi Sue Laikin Silberberg, Executive Director of Hillel at Indiana University.  

"As we come together today to celebrate and  honor the achievements of our graduates, let us also offer our prayers for the Spierer family, and friends who still feel the daily pain of Lauren's disappearance.   May we also take a moment to pray that anyone that has any information or knowledge about what happened to Lauren, also find the courage and strength to come forward and help the Spierer family to find closure to this terrible tragedy." says Silberberg.

Her parents are not in Bloomington this weekend watching the class of 2013 go out into the world.  Her father, Rob, says being here is just painful.

"What it represented to us for what could have been and Lauren not being part of graduation and everything that she could be doing now and having her life in front of her… it would have been joyous for us to be there and share it with her and all of her classmates.  It was a particularly difficult day for us." says Spierer.

Lauren was last seen in the early morning hours of June 3, 2011, after being out with friends.  There is a chance that as her class goes out into the world, information the Spierer family needs will also.

 "They are free to come forward at any point in time.  It doesn't necessarily have to be while they are in Bloomington.  I don't think it is where they are, I think it is how a person chooses to behave that is going to get us our answers." says Spierer.

 In the 22 months since Lauren was last seen, more than 1,000 tips have come into police and social media sites dedicated to finding Lauren.

 The Spierer's have plans to come back to Bloomington sometime this summer.

 The second anniversary of her disappearance is June 3rd.