Staying healthy and safe at college

Staying healthy and safe at college
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It's an exciting, but scary week for students and their families.

At Ball State University, classes are already in session; students at Purdue and IU are now moving in and health leaders say it's a crucial time to warn students about their health risks.

It was this week last year when Rachael Fiege, a 19-year-old from Zionsville High School, fell down the stairs at IU in Bloomington and suffered a head injury. No one called for help for six hours. She later died and doctors said she could have survived if she had just gotten help sooner.

Health officials also point out that there are no legal penalties for taking friends for medical treatment after they consumed alcohol illegally.

Also, students are urged not to take a drink of any kind from anybody.

"The reason for that is there is a drug out there called Rohypnol - rufiess" is the slang term for it," Nurse Practitioner Julie Schneiders said on Eyewitness News at Noon Tuesday. "It is a date rape drug and it causes amnesia. We have had people come to the hospital with that, and sexual assault happens because of that drug."

Also, the risk of injury increases with binge drinking. "Binging" is considered four drinks in two hours for women. That's four beers, four shots or four glasses of wine, so be aware of how much you are drinking and be a good steward to those around you.